What is GANTT?

What is GANTT?

GANTT is a coordinated effort of the different agents in the field of health and technology in the historical territory of Gipuzkoa who, promoted by the Provincial Council, have decided to join forces to carry out a coordinated commitment to Advanced Therapies.


The commitment of the Gipuzkoa Provincial Council is based on promoting, developing and consolidating a benchmark scientific-technological and entrepreneurial environment in the development and production of Advanced Therapies, integrating the existing and potential capacities of the territory.

GANTT's strategy is based on existing capacities, the reality of the region and technology, thus ensuring sustainable wealth and quality employment in the region, renewing the business fabric and positioning Gipuzkoa and the Basque Country in the world as an attractive, open and specialized economy.

Value proposal

To promote and create a regional ecosystem for the provision of development (CROs) and production (CDMOs) services for Advanced Therapies, promoting the value chain through a model of excellence based on knowledge, and integrating into the value chain of the production of AT from existing or leading companies, with the aim of creating opportunities for entrepreneurship and promoting excellent training in Advanced Therapies.

Strategy lines

Strategy lines

GANTT's strategic lines are aimed at taking advantage of the region's scientific, technological and industrial capacities to create an ecosystem for the development of Advanced Therapies.

Project development

Tasks related to the search, planning, definition and execution of projects

Talent generation and recuitment

Activities related to the generation, attraction and retention of academic and entrepreneurial talent in the territory

Technology transfer and entrepreneurship

Activities related to the promotion of entrepreneurship and investment in technology transfer through the creation of startups


Activities and lines of action related to attracting financing for projects and the system, as well as the definition of models and legal instruments

Ecosystem generation

Activities aimed at providing the ecosystem with the necessary means for the development of activities, as well as general activities for the promotion and dissemination of the ecosystem



The implementation of the strategic lines is based on the development of three types of initiatives that will include the implementation of coordinated actions among the key collaborators of the GANTT strategy.

Incentive initiatives

Set of initiatives that give continuity to existing processes or projects and that expand or strengthen them.

Transformative initiatives

Set of initiatives that do not currently exist or are in a very early phase and that give rise to the creation of new projects.

Initiatives with the ecosystem

Set of initiatives focused on enhancing the current capacities of the different agents in the ecosystem, and that have an impact on both incentive and transformative initiatives.